About Huguenot Jo

The Huguenot Jo blog is a running log of the stories and secrets I uncover while researching my Huguenot ancestors.

As far as I can be sure, all the historical details written here are correct.  The personal details are told from my own perspective, and the opinions expressed are my own.

My starting point has been meticulous footwork undertaken by a great-aunt long before the internet made it all easier:  I’m indebted to The Huguenot Society of Great Britain and Ireland for helping her over many, many years and for providing me with the building blocks to continue her work.  I’m also deeply indebted to The Huguenots of Spitalfields for all their events.


Who I am

I studied French and Russian at college, including six months at the Sorbonne in Paris.  I trained as an interpreter/translator but moved instead into newspaper and magazine journalism, and from there into PR.  I’ve worked in the corporate sector, in local government and for charities.  Recently I’ve been studying biography, and was awarded a Diploma in Creative Writing (Biography) from the University of East Anglia in association with Guardian Masterclasses.


My Family

Here are some of the Huguenot surnames on my own family tree, unearthed by my great-aunt:


I’m keen to share photos and research.  The “Family Members Only” section allows the private exchange of photos and information.

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