Huguenots – the very first refugees

On World Refugee Day – 20 June -  it’s worth remembering that the word “refugee” was coined to describe the Huguenots in their flight from religious persecution in France. The countries to which they fled offered them refuge and thus they became, in their own...

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Too posh for the likes of us: the Great and the Good

We chose a fine, sunny Saturday to visit Canterbury Cathedral, although I am over-awed by the Church of England in all its forms so I was not in the best of moods.  Most Anglican clergy are too posh by far for the likes of me, and I certainly can’t follow their...

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Too many men – Women of Bedford protest

Too many men – Women of Bedford protest

There are eleven statues in the town of Bedford, and not one of them is of a woman.  A vigorous local campaign has grown up to put that right. The campaign group Women of Bedford wants to erect the first statue in the town to celebrate a woman - educational reformer,...

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