The Huguenots of Spitalfields have organised an art event which promises to be unique.

It’s a look at some of the famous Huguenots whose portraits now hang in the National Portrait Gallery.  “From Calvin to Churchill, Garrick to Garland, the legacy of the Huguenots spans art, religion and politics,” says the charity.

Lelkov, T.; The Big Three - Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin, at the Yalta Conference, February 1945; National Trust, Chartwell

Writer Theo Bosanquet will be interviewing Dr Tessa Murdoch of the Victoria and Albert Museum about the portraits.

Zoom offers unusual creativity for lectures, and that potential is set to be maximised by these lively experts.

Scrots, Guillim; John Calvin (1509-1564); University of Strathclyde

A donation of £10 is suggested and bookings can be made here: Huguenot Heroes Tickets.

Huguenots of Spitalfields

Note: the illustrations chosen for this article are not taken from the National Portrait Gallery collection

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